Monday, November 7, 2011

What we've been up to

Ok, so I've been a bit of a looser not to post anything lately. I promised my friends and family in Az that I would keep up on my blog and I've failed miserably. I'll try to do better, I promise! Everything is going great here in Arkansas. A lot has happened since I've posted last. 

My mom was in town so we decided it would be fun to go to Memphis for the day.  Memphis has the best Zoo that I've ever seen.  The kids had a blast!  And of course, we had to get some yummy BBQ while we were there.
Blake after eating some baked beans.


Both girls are doing really well in school.  Bailey loves Kindergarten.  She has the perfect teacher who is very patient with her entergetic personality.  Olivia goes to preschool 2 days a week and loves it. 
I was able to go on Bailey's field trip to the fair. 
This is a picture of Olivia's first day at preschool.  She was excited and a little nervous at the same time.  I teach at the same preschool so I get to see her throughout the day. 


Marcus turned 29 at the end of September and the girls and I made him a few things.  I stole this idea from Pinterest and wrote 10 different things I loved about him and put the notes on balloons. 

The girls made him a board book.  They illustrated pictures and told me what to say. 
I thought this page of Bailey's was really funny. 

About 2 weeks ago Bailey was playing at the park, fell off the monkey bars, and broke her elbow.  She ended up having to get a cast for about 3 weeks.  She's been really tough about it and hasn't complained one bit about having the cast on.  She loved all the attention and having everyone sign her cast. 

Halloween was fun this year.  We had the ward trunk-or-treat, the ward party, and regular trick-or-treating.  The girls wanted to wear a different Halloween costume from our dress-up collection for each event.
Livvy dressed as a flapper girl.
Blake was Dracula
Bailey dressed up as a genie.  I hadn't wiped Bailey's face and done her hair yet in this picture, but she still looks pretty cute.
On Halloween night Livvy was a witch and Bailey was Tinkerbell.
We had a fun night eating and Trick-or-treating with friends!


Mary Kelly said...

Amy, your family is beautiful! I'm glad you are settling into your new home and enjoying some new adventures.

The Webbs said...

Thanks Mary! It's great to hear from you. I hope your family is doing well.

Missy said...

Those girls just get cuter and cuter, you can tell that they have so much personality in them. Blake is adorable! I love his dracula costume!

mashby said...

STOP IT!! Loved all the pics, Amy! Ummmm, Livvy the flapper - ha ha!! SO cute! Tell the kids Max says hi. I had a dream last night that you are having problems with your renter - hope that's not the case! Miss you guys!!! :)

PS - loved all the furniture fixer can do it all! They all looked great!