Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We went to California this week with my family and had the best time. My in-laws offered to take Livvy, and we took them up on it. It was really hard to leave her. Marcus had to convince me that the trip would be much more relaxing without her, and it was. I missed her, but it did make the trip a lot more fun. The first day, we went to the beach. The first thing that Bailey did was lay out on her beach towel. She thought she was pretty hot stuff.

She kept asking us to bury her legs in sand to make her into a mermaid.

She refused to go into the water without her floaties and intertube. Even then, she barely dipped her toes in.

I think this picture needs to be on a Billboard for Dr. Pepper.
The second day, we went to Disneyland. Bailey loved every second of it. Every night before bed, she asks me, "Mom what do I wake up to? '' For about the past 2 months she's said, "Mom, what do I wake up to? Disneyland?" One of her favorite places was Toon Town.

We waited for about an hour to see the princesses. I think that she was just in shock most of the time.

4th of July

We had so much fun on the 4th. I tried to take a picture of the girls because they looked so cute in their matching outfits, but I just made them mad. Not really worth it I guess.
Wow, what a bod!

Livvy's favorite part was the Watermelon.

We ended the night with some fireworks.