Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bailey's Dance Recital

It has been forever since I've posted. Our computer broke, and I just now figured out how to download my pictures onto our new computer. Bailey had her Christmas dance recital a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to post it cuz it's so cute.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The kids had so much fun this year on Halloween. They both dressed up as witches. Marcus and I usually dress up, but decided to be party poopers this year. I did dress up as the octa-mom at the ward trunk or treat but didn't get any pictures, which is probably a good thing. The kids loved trick-or-treating and spending time with cousins and grandparents. I was just happy that my kids were in a good mood!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Schnepf Farms and Pumpkin Carving

Every year we go to Schnepf Farms around Halloween time. The girls loved it this year. Bailey rode the roller coaster about 6 times, and Livvy just walked around saying "Oh cute!" to everything. They each picked out a pumpkin and we carved them for family night. Overall it was a pretty fun night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bailey loves getting her fingernails and toenails painted. The other day after painting them, she insited on blowing on them. She put her toes a little to close to her face.
This was the aftermath.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Marcus and I just had our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday. I only saw him for about 10 minutes because he had school all day, so we're celebrating tonight instead. We're keeping it simple this year; probably a dinner and movie. Just a break away from the kids is enough for me. I love him so much, and look forward to many more years together!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

As I was driving the other day, I overheard Bailey talking to her cousin in the backseat. She said, "Colter, do you know Bailey Webb? Bailey Webb is so cute! I like her so much. She's so nice, and pretty, and funny." I enjoyed listening to her go on and on about herself. It was pretty funny.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My sister-in-law taught Bailey the "Chubby" story. She needs a little practice, but it's still pretty cute.


Bailey and Livvy started preschool 2 weeks ago. I teach the class with my mom, so I get to have my girls with me. They were pretty excited for their first day. We still have a few openings in our class if anyone is interested!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We went to California this week with my family and had the best time. My in-laws offered to take Livvy, and we took them up on it. It was really hard to leave her. Marcus had to convince me that the trip would be much more relaxing without her, and it was. I missed her, but it did make the trip a lot more fun. The first day, we went to the beach. The first thing that Bailey did was lay out on her beach towel. She thought she was pretty hot stuff.

She kept asking us to bury her legs in sand to make her into a mermaid.

She refused to go into the water without her floaties and intertube. Even then, she barely dipped her toes in.

I think this picture needs to be on a Billboard for Dr. Pepper.
The second day, we went to Disneyland. Bailey loved every second of it. Every night before bed, she asks me, "Mom what do I wake up to? '' For about the past 2 months she's said, "Mom, what do I wake up to? Disneyland?" One of her favorite places was Toon Town.

We waited for about an hour to see the princesses. I think that she was just in shock most of the time.

4th of July

We had so much fun on the 4th. I tried to take a picture of the girls because they looked so cute in their matching outfits, but I just made them mad. Not really worth it I guess.
Wow, what a bod!

Livvy's favorite part was the Watermelon.

We ended the night with some fireworks.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Livvilicious is Delicious!

Livvy is starting to show so much personality lately. We call her Livvilicious because we just want to munch on her. I just really liked some of these pictures.

My brother Eric was shining a little light in her eyes, and every time he did, she made this face.

We bought an excercise ball last week, and this is the first thing she did when she saw it.

My mom bought her some dress up earings and a purse. She thought she was pretty hot stuff!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is the first and last time I will let Livvy eat Spaghetti on her own. She enjoyed every bit of it.
While we were at Joannes the other day, Bailey started posing in front of the fake flowers and asked me to take pictures. I thought it was sort of cute.

Bailey the Ballerina

Bailey started Ballet a couple of weeks ago. She absolutely loves it. I think this is the only pose that she's learned so far.
At the end of class, the teacher has all of the parents come in to see what they have learned that day. All of the other kids followed what the teacher was doing, while Bailey was in the back by the mirror shaking her little bootie and looking at herself.

Light Rail

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to try out the light rail for the first time. We just went to Phoenix, got a bite to eat, and came back. The girls loved it.
I think Livvy was a little overly excited.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Hate Potty Training!

I must admit that potty training is my least favorite thing to do as a mom. I feel like I clean up messes all day. I seriously hate it and feel like it will never end. Bailey has made a lot of progress, but still will not poop in the potty. The other day, I was cleaning up the bathroom while she was playing. I went in to check on her and she had wiped her poop all over the carpet and walls. At that point, I just wanted to cry. I try to be patient and positive, but it gets a little frustrating. This isn't the first time she's done something like this. Fun times!

Although there are lots of unpleasant experiences with this, some are kind of funny too. The other day, she finally went poop on the potty, and was pretty excited about it. She said in a very excited voice, "Mom, look! It's a mommy poop, and a daddy one. Oh, and there's a baby one! And there's Maddie and Carlie '' (Marcus's sisters). I thought it was pretty funny. She has quite the imagination.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Whenever it gets quiet in my house, I know that Bailey is getting into something she's not supposed to. I found her hiding behind the counter eating something. When she turned around, I found her eating a cube a butter. I can't get her to eat a single vegetable, but she loves butter. I'm a little concerned.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Olivia's First Birthday

Olivia's first birthday was the day before Valentine's. She got lots of presents and cake, and loved every minute of it.
At first, she was bit skeptical of her cake.
After a few minutes, she got more into it.
By the end, she was a huge mess. She was ticked when I finally took it away.

This is a short video of her eating her cake.

Happy Valentine's Day!