Monday, February 16, 2009

Olivia's First Birthday

Olivia's first birthday was the day before Valentine's. She got lots of presents and cake, and loved every minute of it.
At first, she was bit skeptical of her cake.
After a few minutes, she got more into it.
By the end, she was a huge mess. She was ticked when I finally took it away.

This is a short video of her eating her cake.


Hiatt Family said...

I can't believe she is one already! I love that video of her eating cake...her little laugh is so cute.

R & K + 2 said...

I love her funny personality and how excited she gets about everything. I can't wait until her and Danica can play together.

Rob and Kimmie said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia! She is a doll! That's one of the messiest cake faces I've ever seen! SO CUTE!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Olivia:) Her cake was so cute, no wonder she threw a fit!

Jon Mark, Ralae, and Joshua said...

She's way cute! I can't believe she's already a year old.