Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funny Moments

Bailey is our little ball of energy. If she didn't make us laugh, she'd probably drive us crazy. As she talks more and more, her comments become more entertaining. Here are just a few "Funny Moments" over the past couple of weeks.

Bailey is obsessed with princesses. When we put this dress on Olivia, she said, "Oh cute, she's like a baby princess."

  • Last night, Olivia had fallen asleep in her car seat, and Bailey decided be artistic and color all over her with black marker. Olivia didn't seem to mind one bit.
  • Bailey calls everyone "she", even boys. The other day Marcus was walking up stairs, and Bailey asked,"Where Daddy go?" I responded, "Upstairs." She said," Oh, she put make-up on!" Marcus didn't really appreciate that comment. He wanted me to clarify that he was definetely not putting on make-up.
  • Lately, Bailey has been calling me sweetheart and honey. I asked her if she wanted to go to grandmas, and she said, "No, not today honey."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Little Munchkins!

Olivia was born February 13, 2008. She is such a sweetie and always has a smile on her face. She's chubby and totally happy about it. She will be 7 months this week and is moving around like crazy. Olivia is a great addition to our little family.

Bailey is 2 1/2 and very mischievious. She is always looking for something to get into. She always wants to help mom cook, and she LOVES frosting.

Sisterly Love

Our girls totally love each other. It's so cute to watch them interact. Olivia loves to watch Bailey dance around and sing. She gets so excited, and kicks those chubby little legs. It's the best! Bailey is really sweet with Olivia as well. Sometimes she gets a little over excited and squeezes her head a little hard. Let's just say I can't leave them in the same room for too long. Olivia is at he stage right now where she loves to grab at things. She grabbed a chunk of Bailey's hair from her head, and Bailey got mad and said, "No Livvy, that's my hair," and tried to put it back on her hair. Pretty cute! Having two girls is the best. Never a dull moment.