Monday, September 26, 2011

We're Here!

Well, we've been in Arkansas now for about 2 months.  I haven't posted anything yet because my computer wouldn't let me load any pictures.  Here are a few of our new home and town.  There are so many things that we love about Arkansas.  First of all, it is absolutely beautiful.  Everything is green and there are trees and lakes everywhere.  I also love the fact that we have a house and yard with a gorgeous view.  We love the people and friends that we've made so far.  We have also been able to enjoy some of the delicious BBQ here.  I don't like the humidity, bugs, and being away from friends and family.  And I'm nervous about the tornados.  But other than that we're having a good time.

We packed up my dad's truck and trailer, and they drove with us over 1300 miles to Arkansas.  It was soooo nice of them to drive up with us.  They even kept the girls in their car the whole time, which was WONDERFUL!!!  It made the car ride much more pleasant for Marcus and I.  It saved us a lot of money and it was so fun to have them there with us.  When they got here, my dad built a rope swing on a big tree we have in our backyard and the girls love it.

This is our new home.  It's twice as big a our condo so it feels like a mansion!  I love having so much space.  I even like cleaning it, which I'm sure will wear off after awhile.

This is a picutre of Marcus's school.  It's such a beautiful campus and he is enjoying school a lot, although he's really really busy.

We have the best view from our backyard. 

We went to some friends and rode ponies and played with animals.  The girls were in heaven. 

Livvy was drenched in sweat from the humidity but it didn't seem to bother her one bit.


mashby said...

Amy!! Loved the pictures - it is beautiful!! We miss you guys, but don't worry you aren't missing much here! :) Looks like you are having some fun adventures! We did have the primary program yesterday and missed Bailey's singing for sure!!!!!

Hiatt Family said...

I love your house!!! That tree swing is awesome too! I'm so glad that you guys like it there. Love you.

Corinne said...

I'm so glad you guys are loving it. Hope you're hangin in there as a PA School widow ;)

The Talley Family said...

We miss you guys. That's so cool the girls got to ride ponies. I need a friend like that.

Laurie said...

It's so good to see pictures of your new home, and of your girls. I've been missing them LIKE MAD in Sac Mtg! ... I keep trying out new families, to see whose kids I can mess with like I used to mess with yours, and there just isn't anyone who can compete. (What can I say? I may have to give up the ghost and start being reverent in church. ... As if.)

Seriously, it's great to see your little family again. Your house is beautiful, and I'm loving the tree swing and the view. ... Aaaah, green! You lucky, lucky duckies!

Lindsay said...

So glad your family is settled and enjoying it here in Arkansas. We are just entering the most beautiful time of the year here. At least it is my favorite time. We really need to get together with ya'll sometime soon before the crazy holiday season arrives. Let me know what weekend will work for you all. And let me know if you need anything.

Susan Allen said...

I love your house Amy! We miss you guys so very much but are glad things are going well. Little Blake is getting so big, I can't believe it! Love you and miss you!!