Sunday, January 4, 2009


Marcus's sister and her husband were in town for the holidays. We had lots of fun with them while they were here.
Two of Bailey's favorite gifts were the princess kareoke machine and bike from her grandparents.

One of Livvy's gifts was an ASU cheerleeding outfit. I think she makes the perfect cheerleader.

On Christmas morning, Livvy ignored most of her gifts and went straight for the good stuff, chocolate, popcorn, and soda. She tried for about 15 minutes to open that Reeses, and got very frustrated when she couldn't get it open.


Mark & Ashley said...

I love keeping up with you and your cute family! We made our blog private but I think you gave me the wrong email address for you. Email me at a82booth (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send you a new invite.

Tell Kristin & your mom I said hi too!


Carlie said...

hey Amy- it's Carlie(Jordan and Amy's friend- also Becky's friend) Anywho, I found your blog off of Beckys' and hope you dont mind that I looked at it. It is so cute and your girls are even cuter. They are both getting so big. I last saw you at Amy's baby shower. It was good to see you then. I was reading all the little tid bit sayings that Bailey says, she is sucha cutie.
if you want to visit mine my blog address is