Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bailey's 3rd Birthday!

We had Bailey's 3rd birthday at my mom's house last week, and I think she enjoyed herself quite a bit. She had been talking about it all week. Every time we were getting ready to go somewhere, she would say, "We going to my birthday?'' Finally her birthday came. I was at my mom's most of the day helping her get things ready. We put Bailey down for a nap upstairs and locked the door(she won't sleep unless we lock it. Don't think we're bad parents). I walked by the room about 15 minutes later, and heard her talking to herself. She said, "Oh no, honey. The door's broken. I'm going to miss my birthday party.'' After hearing that, I couldn't stand to let her stay in any longer. I didn't want her to think she was missing her whole party.

Her favorite part of her party was opening all of the presents. She got a ton of fun gifts. She couldn't contain her excitement. She kept saying, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh."

She was a total pro at blowing out the candles.
When her party was over, she was exhausted. She dressed up in her princess dress, and layed down in her princess sleeping bag with her flashlight.
The next day, her and Hannah Johnson spent all afternoon being princesses.


Whitney said...

I'm so glad she had a great birthday! She says the funniest things!

Rob and Kimmie said...

Her birthday party was a blast! Stanton talked about it all week too. It was cute watching ehr open her presents. I like how she threw down the clothes.
Do you still have your Christmas tree up? (: (: (:

Missy said...

How fun:) She looks so cute all gussied up in her princess gear. Gotta love those girly girls!

Amy said...

Oh what a beautiful princess!!!

Celeste Caldwell said...

Don't worry...we lock the door when Carter takes a nap too..ha ha!! Hey, it works..right? Well I'm glad Bailey had a super fun birthday. I can't believe she is 3... man are we getting old or what.. ha ha!! She is such a doll.

The Astons said...

Tell Bailey Happy Birthday for us. She is so cute. I can't believe she's already 3.

Tiffany Toronto said...

Hey Amy!
I just saw your blog on Ralae's. I can't believe how long it has been. Your little girls are both so cute. We should all get together sometime and go to lunch to catch up.

Tiffany Toronto