Monday, December 15, 2008

Suns Game!

The other night, Marcus' dad gave us 8th row tickets to the Suns game. I've only been to two Suns games before, and I sat in the nose bleeds. This was much more enjoyable.

The highlight of the night was the perv in front of us who only took out his binoculars when the suns dancers came out. His wife was sitting right next to him. I guess the eighth row wasn't close enough for him. We laughed every time he took them out. SICKO!


Jordan and Amy said...

Ha Ha that's so funny! Gotta love perverts. Suns games are so fun.

Bert and Benton said...

Hey guys, this is Brittany
(Robinson) Cotter found you guys through Amy's blog. You're girls are so cute! I get to hear all about them from your parents and Stacy. Check out our blog anytime

Celeste Caldwell said...

I am SO jealous...well not about sitting next to a nasty perv..ha ha. but the suns game. what a blast!! Looks like you guys had fun. I was laughing that you actually got a picture of the perv with his binoculars..ha ha!!