Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Schnepf Farms

Each year we go to Schnepf Farms in October. This was Olivia's first year, and it sort of started out rough for her. When we got there, we had both girls in the double stroller. When I took Bailey out of the front, it was too heavy in the back, and the whole stroller flipped over. Poor little Livvy was face down in the dirt. She was pretty sad about it, but was ok. Right after that, we decide to go on a train ride. We didn't realize that the train ride was haunted, so she got freaked out even more. After her traumatic experience, she was alright and we had fun the rest of the night.

Bailey's favorite part of the night was the pony ride. She felt like such a big girl because we let her ride all by herself. When we tried to say hi and wave to her from the side, she said, "No, stop!" and waved us off. She acted like a teenager who was embarrassed by her parents.

The girls had so much fun at the petting zoo. Bailey is obsessed with goats. It took us a while to drag her away when it was time to leave.
Daddy and Livvy at the petting zoo. Livvy loves to pose for pictures.
We ended the night with some fireworks and a stop at the pumpkin patch. Bailey picked out her very own minerature pumpkin. Her face was still a little messy from the chili she ate earlier. They got a little freaked out by the fireworks, as you can probably tell from the startled looks on their faces. I think they were done for the night.


Jon Mark, Ralae, and Joshua said...

Amy, those are cute pictures. You look really cute! I like your shorter hair (I always knew you with long hair, how long has it been short?). So, I am planning a baby shower for Amber Gerrard/Skabelund. Of course, you're invited, along with your sisters--but I need their email addresses or blog address. We're tentatively planning on Nov. 8 in the evening. Will you be around? I'd love to see you!

Jordan and Amy said...

Oh how fun! I've never been to Schnepf Farms. That is so frustrating when things go wrong in the beginning of an outing.

Scott & Kristen said...

Amy! I can't believe how big Bailey is. And Olivia is so cute! I am glad you found me. I got your email awhile back and since I still don't know how to work school email, I deleted it and lost your address.

Shellee said...

We went last night and it was packed.
We try to do Schnepf Farms every year and Curt's work paid for it this year or we would have missed it!
It looks like you had a great time.
Did you go out the deer farm?
Did you put Bailey on the airplanes or bumble bees? Hayden loved those most.

Lynn F. said...

Hi Amy. I was so excited to see your comment on my blog. Your kids are getting so big and are just adorable. I loved reading the funny things Bailey says, especially the bug going to church! Your post about Schnepf Farms made me remember our field trip. I miss you!